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 NEST by Guillaume  When my daughter was born, I promised myself to build the best future I could for her.  For the last 8 years, I daily concentrated my energy on creating a bright and cheerful home, but I had restrained myself from embracing the future.  When Uma came into our lives, I knew right away that I have just embarked on a life-changing journey, and enjoyed for once, looking forward. I have to be present for her daily, but above all, for tomorrows. I have to nurture a safe and caring environment for her.  That paper nest, in which Uma stayed serenely for 45 minutes, embodies my desire to let her grow in security and peace, to see the world in its original beauty, always keeping a confident glance.  With her mother, Ninn, my thoughtful partner with whom I share our joys and challenges that life puts on our way, we walk side by side to shape sound basis for this little girl, equal to the strength and depth of our love for each other and her.  Being a dad is the most exhilarating feeling I had ever experienced. To watch her grow and smile is a fulfillment of every second! I wish every dad to look at their children the way I look at my Uma.
 Are you the kind of person who chooses natural remedies over chemical medicine?  Welcome to my world!  Working on this book, describing the great curative properties found in the herbal kingdom, reminded me of how I started to get interested in healing ourselves naturally.  In 2003, a doctor diagnosed my son Lucas with a lactose and egg white intolerance. My whole world collapsed that day. With my Ukrainian background, I’ve been raised eating a lot of crème fraîche and drinking a lot of milk. I also cooked a lot of crepes, cakes, pasta….all of it containing eggs. I remember feeling overwhelmed with the news and anxious about the changes I needed to implement in our lives. My son was sick, and he was my priority, so I researched alternatives. That’s how I started to become aware of how we all are, in the developed countries, educated to eat the same way, and how much our diet is restricted to some boring basic ingredients that are not so good for our health. A whole new world invited itself at our table, and cooking meals became a fascinating hobby for me. One thing led to another, this experience opened up my eyes on alternative ways of living, and so I learned self-care skills for my little one and myself as reflexology, massages, and medicinal herbs. It made me more conscious about the power of Mother Nature, deepening my immense respect and gratitude for her.  I'de love to hear about your alternatives?!  Cover book crafted out of paper, inspired by «The complete herbalist: or the people their own physicians by the use of nature's remedies ». Brown, Oliver Phelps, 1897.
 What’s your favorite flower ?  Mine is currently the Iris but I can say that i’m in love with the whole flower kingdom! Crafting them in paper is like a meditation for me. It puts my mind at ease, soothes my hyperactive brain and let me being totally in the present moment.  What’s your trick to be in the moment ?!  Flower crafted out of tissue paper.
 BEAUTY IN COMMON THINGS ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Robins are widespread birds. You can see them easily in the gardens, hunting earthworms and other kinds of insects. ✨ On a sunny morning, although we don’t have a garden, one of them came in front of our kitchen glass door, and wanted to get in contact with us! ✨ As some of you know, we have a tremendous passion for birds. We have two budgies living with us and sharing family time, flying free in the house few hours a day. So when we saw this tiny bird searching for some interactions, we were very enthusiastic! ✨ We opened the window and scattered some crumbs on the ground, as he stayed there, watching us from the edge of a flower pot. We closed the glass window and observed him. While he would prefer some insects crumbs, what we had to offer excited him! ✨ The next day, around 8 am, he came back, asking for more bits, jumping here and there with his skinny legs, and his breast round like a cotton ball! I named him Billy, don’t ask me why I have no idea! Now we have Billy coming every morning for the last two months and this time of the day became like a joyful morning routine for our family. When one of us wakes up after the others, the first question asked is « Have you seen Billy »? Why am I telling you this story? Well, we could have noticed Billy but not pay attention to his desire to get in contact with us. If we didn’t pay attention, our mornings would be very different from what they are today. Billy brought something into our life, a moment of shared joy between the 4 of us. Even if it is for less than 5 minutes a day, it feeds our souls with positive, loving energies. Isn’t it precious? ✨ Believe me, there is beauty in common things! Try to pay attention to a detail today that seems insignificant, something that probably no one noticed! It’s always worth it! ✨ * Book cover crafted out of paper * inspired by an antique book from 1874, illustrated by Mrs.J.W.Whymper ✨
 FULL MOON  Uma was born on a full moon night, and I remember watching it with a clear mind. The star was a gracious friend of mine, being overwhelmed with its light right before the last pushing. I became very curious about the lunar cycle and its spiritual meanings ever since. I wanted to share with you the basics of it. So from now on, occasionally, you’ll see the moon's glow illuminate our feed!  1 I NEW MOON Blank page, new beginnings, unlimited possibility, planting seeds, intention.  2 I WAXING CRESCENT Fresh energy, conceptualize, focus on detail, sprouting, declaration.  3 I FIRST QUARTER Momentum, challenges, paying attention, sending roots, action.  4 I WAXING GIBBOUS Patience, edit+refine, gestation, nature your life.  5 I FULL MOON Peak energy, blessings, joy+gratitude, blossoming, celebration.  6 I WANING GIBBOUS Release+receive, service, harvest, nuture others.  7 I LAST QUARTER Breakdown, readjustment, transition, decomposition, forgiveness.  8 I WANING CRESCENT Surrender, rest+restore, reflection, composting, intuition. Lunar cycle cut and engraved out of paper.