Our story

Ninn Apouladaki is above all the story of an encounter.
The one from Ninn & Guillaume, on a december night – on a houseboat in Paris. She’s an artist, he’s a graphic designer. She’s about the sun, he’s about the moon – instantly they feel they are similar and complementary. Some call it love at first sight.
The story begins


Ninn happens upon a magazine photo of a woman with a face glowing with spectacular make-up. She’s fascinated – it’s  delicate, astonishing, splendid – a real piece of art. Following long research, Ninn discovers that this strange ritual  is an ancient wedding tradition taking place in Kosovo.

She wants to know more and decides to go off and meet the last of these mysterious face illustrators.

She asks Guillaume to accompany her – he says yes.

She decides to make a documentary, and, there you go, Guillaume films her as she herself, as part of the documentary, is transformed into a cosmic bride.

It was in the stars.

Ninn & Guillaume return to Paris. Guillaume puts a Kosavar bridal scarf upon their head, in accordance with the magical local traditions, and promptly asks Ninn to become his wife –

Ninn of course says yes.

She has the idea to create a mask for each one of their wedding guests, unconsciously influenced by their journey in the Balkan Mountains. Strongly inspired by her Slavonic roots and Ukranian mother, Ninn draws wild and poetic creatures.

But on the fateful wedding day, such was the overwhelming emotion inside the two lovers, Ninn & Guillaume simply forget about the masks, and came empty handed to the wedding.

The next day, Ninn discovers the neglected box spilling with countless fantastical creatures.

You can call it serendipity.

She then has the bright idea of selling the masks on Etsy. It was an instant success. United states, England, Australia, orders began to flow.. Then it’s the turn of the media such as Milk and Doolittle. She starts a collaboration with Amsterdam’s Rijkmuseum.The unexpected growing interest leads her to create new collections.


Ninn & Guillaume has more in mind than a basic life project, they have a philosophy.
they want to live closer to nature, and slow things down to consume differently and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. They leave Paris to settled in the beautiful Provence, in the heights of Marseille, after spending only a few hours in the city. (Another love at first sight !)

Guillaume puts aside his activities and starts working with Ninn to extand the brand Ninn Apouladaki. New creations arises from Ninn’s imagination, inspired from her original masks’s illustrations. They make it printed on clothes, wallpapers..Original creations made and produced with the greatest respect to Mother earth  and all living creatures.

The collection Creature comes to life.


In September 2015 they open their first shop, with their creativ lab perched above it. Just a step away from the Old Harbour and only few steps from the Notre dame de la Garde church, in the trendy Saint-Victor area.
Once inside, we enter a world of a miniature forest. The place reflects their personality : atypical, sweet and dreamlike.
A place where it feels good to be, and dream !