Article 15 – Cookies

15.1. What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files downloaded onto a Customer’s computer each time a website is visited. When a Customer returns to a website, or visits a website using the same cookies, these cookies and therefore their computer or mobile device are recognized.
Cookies cannot be used to recover data from the Customer’s hard drive, install a virus, read the Customer’s email address or obtain personal information.

15.2. How NINN APOULADAKI Uses Cookies

The cookies which may be installed by NINN APOULADAKI may help to:

– establish statistics on visitors and use of various components of the NINN APOULADAKI website in order to improve the ergonomics and interest of the site,
– adapt the presentation of the NINN APOULADAKI website to the Customer’s terminal display preferences during their visit to the site,
– implement security measures,
– store information relating to the forms completed by the Customer,
– allow the Customer to access personal and dedicated areas of the NINN APOULADAKI website,
– show the most relevant ads as possible to the Customer.

15.3. Shared Use of Customer’s Terminal

Sharing the Customer’s terminal with others and the configuration parameters of his browser are their free choice and their own responsibility.

15.4. Advertising

Advantages of Showing Ads Tailored to Customer’s Navigation
NINN APOULADAKI’s objective is to present the most relevant ads as possible. To do this, cookie technology can determine which ads to display on a terminal, in real time, based on recent browsing of one or more websites.
The advantage for the Customer is to see advertising content corresponding to their interests. Similarly, advertisers broadcasting the ad are interested in displaying their offers to the users the most likely to be interested in them.
Cookies Issued Via Third Party Content Published in our Advertising Space
The advertising content broadcast in the NINN APOULADAKI advertising space may contain cookies sent by third parties. These cookies may result either from the advertiser or from a third party service provider to the advertiser, such as a communications agency or an advertising network operator making use of NINN APOULADAKI’s advertising space.
The purpose of these cookies, in most cases, is to count the number of views of advertising content broadcast via the NINN APOULADAKI advertising space, and to identify the ads displayed and the number of users who clicked on each ad, thus allowing them to calculate the amounts due, to compile statistics and to recognize the Customer’s terminal during their subsequent browsing of any site or service on which these advertisers or those third parties also issue cookies and, if applicable, to adapt these third party sites and services or the ads they broadcast to their terminal’s navigation which they may be aware of.
Cookies also allow advertising agencies to adapt the advertising space they operate to the customer’s terminal display preferences according to the Customer’s terminal’s reading materials and viewing software.

15.5. Adobe Flash Player “FLASH®” Cookies

Adobe Flash Player® is a computer application that enables the rapid development of dynamic content using the “FLASH” computer language. Flash (and similar applications) stores settings, preferences and the use of content through a technology similar to cookies. However, Adobe Flash Player manages the information and choices via a different interface from that provided by browser software.
If the Customer’s terminal is able to view content developed with the “FLASH” language, the Customer shall access these FLASH cookies management tools directly from the Adobe website at the following address:

15.6. Transmission of Cookies by Third Parties Due to Third-Party Applications Integrated into Our Website and Social Networks

The NINN APOULADAKI website uses plug-ins from social networks including Twitter®, Facebook® and Google® Plus.
If the Customer interacts with the plug-ins, the information related to the Customer’s navigation of the NINN APOULADAKI website and to their subscription to these social networks will be transmitted and stored on a server from the company operating the social network in question and shared according to the parameters of the Customer’s user account on these social networks and in accordance with the terms of use of the social network concerned.
If the Customer does not want the social network concerned to connect the information collected through the NINN APOULADAKI website to their account, they shall disconnect from the social network before visiting the NINN APOULADAKI website.
The Customer is expressly informed that the use of these plug-ins or buttons is operated by these social networks and subject to the terms and conditions between the customer and the social network concerned to which they belong.

15.7. Customer Choice Regarding Cookies Depending on the Browser Used

The Customer has the option to deny the transmission of cookies by configuring their browser accordingly. However, if the Customer decides to delete these cookies, operations must then be repeated.
The same applies if they decide to surf on another browser, they shall again be required to delete the cookies on this second browser.
The “Help” menu of every browser can provide information on how to express and modify choices regarding cookies:
Safari®: Open Safari > Preferences than click on Security; click on Show cookies and select the desired options, or visit:
Firefox®: Open the Tools menu and select Options; Click on the Privacy tab and select the desired options, or visit:
– Internet Explorer®: Open the Tools menu and select Internet Options; Click on the Privacy tab and select the desired options, or visit:
Edge®: Open the More Actions menu and select Advanced Settings; Select the desired options under Cookies, or visit:
Chrome®: Open the setup menu and select Settings; click on Show advanced settings, click on Content settings and select the desired options, or visit:
Opera®: Open the Tools menu and select Preferences; click on the Advanced tab, and then under Cookies, click on Manage cookies and select the desired options, or visit:
The Customer can also visit proposed by digital advertising professionals represented by the European Association EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance) and managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) France.
The Customer may check the companies registered on this platform which provides the option to refuse or accept the cookies used by these companies to tailor ads which may be displayed on their terminal to their browsing information:
This European platform is shared by hundreds of advertising professionals on the Internet and provides a centralized interface for expressing refusal or acceptance of cookies which may be used to tailor terminal navigation to ads likely to be displayed.
However, this procedure does not prevent the display of advertising on the websites that the customer visits. It will only block the technologies to tailor advertisements to their interests.