Ninn Apouladaki is a creative studio owned and operated by wife-and-husband team Ninn & Guillaume Alarcó. This Parisian couple settled their studio by the Mediterranean seashore,  in Marseille, five years ago.

Their passion for paper led them to create a profoundly whimsical and poetic universe. In 2015, they inaugurated their eponymous label and let the Paris Interior Trade Fair Maison et Objet vibrate with their creations, for several seasons.

After selling their collections in about one hundred stores around the world, including prestigious places as Le Bon Marché in Paris or ABC home on Broadway, they decided to slow the brand and launched, in 2018, a tailor-made offer where they could fulfill their appeal for the challenge and the diversity in projects.

CHANEL, the Ritz hotel in Paris, the Michelin-starred restaurant Alcyone in the palace Intercontinental in Marseille, the Clarins luxury spas, the Royal Monceau in Paris, the Cognacq-Jay Museum amongst others, trust them for projects as varied as ambitious.

Ninn & Guillaume compose a universe in perpetual metamorphosis. Fed by an insatiable imagination, open to the infinite diversity of the world. Refined labor, soft as a cloud, and yet intimately related to the fundamental forces of nature.

Every single one of their pieces deploys as a world unto itself, imaginary and hybrid, wild and free.